Backyard Progress – Update4

The work in the backyard still continues. As you can see from the photos below the brickwork being created around this area is nearing completion. Unfortunately to progress it further I had to complete some drainage works. That has now been done to enable us to continue the wall around.

Once the wall is finished the surface area will need to be removed a little around the drainage area to enable us to have enough depth left over to put the final top level dressing on this area. It will be some compacted roadbase and stones (as seen in other areas of the backyard). Will build some steps and that will subsequently complete the area.





Timber Retaining Wall Completed

Today marked the installation of the last post and section of our Timber Retaining Wall.

It’s not exactly retaining a great deal, it’s just to give us a better presentation on the side of the house and enabled us to plant a hedging plant. Will see how it grows over time.

This is now considered completed. Unfortunately I have moved on to even further pending jobs in backyard.

Will post a completed photo very soon.

New Computer Build Update2

Today I completed some installation tasks on the machine and added an TP-Link Wireless card (Model: TL-WN881ND) which I’ve had for a while and is a spare unit.

I really like this card as it works on Windows 8 upwards, and you don’t have to install any drivers or software. It works out of the box with Windows.

Here is a picture of the finished computer.


New Computer Build Update1

System was built tonight. I added to the machine a spare Sandisk 120G SSD drive I had, and also a SATA DVD Burner Optical Drive.

I had a few problems installing the CPU cooler, but after some initial tweaking got things completed.

Very impressed with the performance from the little Celeron processor. Certainly makes a nice workstation for general word processing, internet and email usage.

New Computer Build

Ordered a few computer parts to build a modest system up for my mum. Below is a list of the items I purchased.

I already have a DVD burner, SSD drive and PCI-e wireless card which I will install in the computer. Should make a very capable machine, and upgrade.

Swim Spa – Delivery

Today was the delivery day for the Swim Spa. Was feeling a bit nervous and you’ll understand why when you see the pictures we took of the process.

Everything didn’t go smoothly unfortunately, however, things did work out fine in the end with the process, so I won’t go into detail as it’s of no value.

I was very impressed with Trent from DPW Plant Hire and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Let’s roll the photos…..

IMG_20160704_01-720x405 IMG_20160704_02-720x405 IMG_20160704_03-720x405 IMG_20160704_04-405x720 IMG_20160704_05-720x405 IMG_20160704_06-720x405 IMG_20160704_07-720x405 IMG_20160704_08-720x405 IMG_20160704_09-720x405 IMG_20160704_10-720x405 IMG_20160704_11-720x405 IMG_20160704_12-720x405 IMG_20160704_13-720x405

Now the next step will be completing the installation process and getting water put in. That’s going to be interesting as this unit takes 7,000 litres I believe.